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Details, everything is about details in life!

Small shades of everyday life that make life something beautiful. So it is with jewelry too, it is the details that make it. That is why we make genuine and solid jewelry that we carefully produce by hand. Like our other jewelery, the collection with earrings is inspired by nature's own designs and designs. Every piece of jewelry is full of beautiful little details, just like nature's own creations. Here you will find beautiful handmade earrings in bronze or silver with matte details in 14K gold. The white sapphires add that little extra and each stone is carefully selected by our jewelry designer Lotta, who is also a silver and goldsmith. We do everything to bring out the beautiful patina and the magical forms that only nature itself can offer. Lotta Jewelery creates emotions and creates memories. Everything is about details.

Nature is so incredibly beautiful, it beats everything!

To create shapes in wax, scale off the leaves to rediscover the small details that are hiding inside the seed capsules and in the poppy flower shell. The joy of slowly working with your hands and creating jewelry collections from nature's own little wonders and turning them into silver with sheer little details in 14k gold, which gild everyday life and allow us to carry up the beauties of nature. The creation process is explorative and exciting, the inspiration flows and it is a lovely work. The earrings are all handmade from seed to finished earring. It is an exciting process, and the reward of all customers who appreciate being able to bear the small miracles of nature. It's indescribable!

In this year's collection, the dandelion will show itself from its most beautiful side. We close our eyes and blow - see all the fruit fruits lift in a breath of air from the round ball of seeds. Memories from childhood are awakened, happy sun-drenched children's faces looking up at a blue sky and delightfully blowing the balls. In the autumn collection there are also olive branches, honey bees, poppy seeds and small clusters of precious stones from the island of Madagascar. The small pine cones for the earrings are a great gift to give away for the coming winter. The profit from the small series, with the spruce as a necklace and the pine cones for the earrings, goes to a project to save our forest, to plant more trees and to keep the fresh and crisp air up here in Scandinavia. The same is true with the popular honey bee series, where the profit from the jewelery goes to local beekeepers in northwestern Skåne, so that we can maintain our beautiful world.

Have you seen our olive branches as earrings? We have different models and all are equally polar, they are so delicious and nice on all customers who visit the store. The noble Labradorite stone shades in green and gray shades, and reflects in the eye color. The small cluster earrings are also fantastic with the most beautiful natural stones, where we kept some precious stones raw and others polished. Then a shimmering cluster is created in different shades. And the dandelions that have bloomed for the summer, and the seeds are gone with the wind. The earrings created by dandelions are lovely. We have many favorites. It is so easy to showcase these wonderful items in the store, and convey this genuine feeling from nature.

 Welcome to our unique world of earrings from nature's creations!