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Diamonds are a girl´s best friend


Top Wesselton has the unique beauty and quality of a diamond
Diamond grinding is the property of greatest importance when talking about diamonds. Here, the stone's reflection, symmetry and grinding quality are measured. The stone's luster and ability to reflect light. When we create the jewelry in our own studio, we can carefully select the most beautiful stones for our customers. Upon request, we can find most gemstones, both raw and polished, in all the colors of the earth.

Colorless - Very valuable 
Diamonds are usually graded in a color scale between D-Z where D is the highest and best letter for a diamond. A diamond that has the grade E or F in the Colorless category, is of the highest rarity and therefore very valuable. In our jewelry we use diamonds with the designation Top Wesselton (F) which stands for rare white and Wesselton (H) which stands for white diamond.

Clarity - Top Wesselton
The clarity of a diamond defines its purity. Diamonds are graded based on a clarity scale, which extends from FL (Flawless) down to I3 (Included 3). Flawless means that there are no visible inclusions that can be seen under 10 times magnification either inside or on the surface of the diamond. Using a magnifying glass, you measure the number of inclusions, cavities and scratches. Just as with color, there is a scale based on which the clarity of the diamonds is classified.

Carat (abbreviated ct) is the unit of weight for diamonds and measures the weight of the diamond. Our customers' wishes are usually from 0.1ct to 0.5ct.