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See our beautiful Dahlia collection

These lovely flowers are very important. Dahlias are used as a symbol to dare to stand out from the crowd.

No one misses a dahlia that can be seen in the distance with its colorful splendor and magnificent flower - Wonderful!

The dahlias are also known for being able to survive in difficult environments and, despite tough conditions, be able to bloom more beautifully than ever. We want to convey that power. We hope that when you wear our dahlia collection, you will feel that you dare to be like these fantastic flowers - filled with inner strength and completely unique.

Plum Dahlia Ring - Bronze

SEK 1.295,00 SEK 647,50

The Sublime Dahlia Ring - Bronze

SEK 1.495,00 SEK 747,50

Plum Dahlia Ring - Silver

SEK 1.595,00 SEK 797,50

The Sublime Dahlia Ring - Silver

SEK 1.695,00 SEK 847,50

Velvet Dahlia Ring - Bronze

SEK 1.795,00 SEK 897,50

Lotta Jewelery stands for unique jewelry. Handmade creations from nature.

The atmosphere in our store is calm and convivial, many of our customers get a feeling of a fairytale world among jewelry. We like to build relationships and are happy to talk to our exciting customers from around the world, who botanize for a long time among our creations. We have many returning customers who have once discovered us and fallen in love with the nature-inspired collections from different seasons. The jewelry we create always has a meaning, a beautiful story to tell.