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Shibuya Ginkgo Earrings - Silver

  • SEK 1.295,00
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Article Number: B1110
Supplier: Lotta Jewellery

Ginkgo Biloba - A Survivor

We love the tree of life, with its beautiful gin leaves.

Ginkgo is so unique - so special. It has a fantastic history.

Two beautiful ginkgo leaves that form Shibuya Ginkgo Earrings, with 14k gold and white shimmering sapphires that are a beautiful detail on the leaf. The stem is curved in a nice shape and the pin is further down the blade, so the earring sits high and nice on the ear. A pair of lovely earrings.

Our unique Ginkgo Collection is created in white-boiled 925 sterling silver that gives a crispy feeling, like the dew on the leaves at dawn. The details are in 14k gold, which forms a naturally beautiful patina. The gemstones are carefully selected sapphires, which give the jewelry a white fantastic shimmer.

Metal: 925 sterling silver

Details: 14k gold and white sapphire 2 pcs


Height: 31mm

Width: 24 mm