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Love is unique and special, and we can think of no better symbol of that than personally designed wedding and engagement rings. 

You can create your dream rings in Silver, Gold or White Gold in the shape you wish. Then choose freely among  textures, gems and details to make them personal and unique to you.It is your wishes and fantasies, big or small, that ultimately become the result. We are always here to discuss different options and find the best for you.

The process

Together with the designer Lotta, you create your unique rings from start to finish. Your idea becomes unique wax models as the basis for your rings. Once you have approved these, the solid craftsmanship begins in our studio. The wax models are then discarded so that the rings remain unique to you.The whole process takes a few weeks, but the result is personalized rings of the best quality for the rest of your lives.


We charge nothing extra to design your unique rings. Once you find love, it should be a special moment to choose the rings that will be worn for life. Getting to meet expectant loving couples who are about to start a new chapter in their lives is something we really value at Lotta Jewellery.The price of the rings varies depending on the amount of gold needed and the size of the gemstones. You will receive the exact price once we have created the design and found the right sizes.

Recycle old gold

Many people think it feels good to use gold that has a history behind it. Reusing your own gold also reduces the material cost of your rings. It is also a nice gesture towards our nature and its precious resources. Collect what you have and bring it to us in the store, or send it to us. We work with an experienced gemmologist who values ​​your gold for us. After that, we can start creating new beautiful creations filled with nice history. 

Come and visit our Boutique Lotta Jewelery at Hamngatan 3 in Malmö or contact us on +4640 - 236620. Feel free to book a meeting or a video call via link. Write to us at [email protected]

We create unique wedding rings for couples all over the world!

Below you see a small selection of unique gold rings that we have created in our studio.