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International Womens Day 2022

The beautiful Sunflower – Ukraine's national flower, has become the symbol of solidarity with the Ukrainian people & resistance to the Russian invasion. Stretching high into the sky, sunflowers symbolize deep unconditional love and unwavering faith – strong, radiant, lush & full of joy.

You fantastic customers bought an incredible amount of jewelery during this year's International Women's Day.
When the Akelius Foundation doubled the money, together we have really been able to contribute to help for Ukrainian women & children on the run, through UNICEF.
We are so happy & proud that Lotta Jewelery can donate this amount together with you.

Thank you from all our hearts!

WE ARE A PROUD SUPPORT COMPANY of Naturskyddsföreningen 

Naturskyddsföreningen is Sweden's largest environmental organization and a popular movement that has stood up for nature since 1909. Together, we spread knowledge, form opinion and influence decision-makers - locally, nationally and globally. Climate, forests, environmental toxins, water, the sea and sustainable consumption are our most important areas of work. Good Environmental Choice is our eco-label. 

Bumblebees and bees are tiny superheroes!

They pollinate our flowering plants and without them we would not get any fruits and berries. However, they are becoming fewer, and we must help save them. Changing landscapes and poisons threaten our wild gardeners. In our world and future, it gives us serious consequences. 

We have created a bee collection where we donate the profits to Operation Save the Bees, in collaboration with Naturskyddsföreningen, hoping to save our little bees. 

Join us and let us make this nice and inspiring gesture together!