Our collection

Birch ring, silver
SEK 1.295,00
Birch Ring, bronze
SEK 1.095,00
Poppy Earrings, silver
SEK 1.295,00
Poppy Necklace, bronze
SEK 1.395,00
Straw Ring, silver
SEK 1.295,00
Lotus Ring, silver
SEK 1.995,00
Straw Ring, brons
SEK 1.095,00
Poppy Necklace, silver
SEK 1.895,00

                           Lotta Jewellery

Lotta Jewellery designs unique jewelry with inspiration from the beautiful world of nature. The jewelery is handmade and each jewel is uniquely created by our experienced jewelery designer Lotta, who also designs as a jeweler. In the studio, the jewelry is designed and created in shades from the plant kingdom's pattern and with small beautiful details, just like from nature's own articles.

Lotta Jewellery creates a unique atmosphere of calm and the nature-inspired collections speak for themselves, where every piece of jewelry carries a beautiful history. The jewels are produced in frosted silver and graphite gray bronze with sparkling sapphires and gold details. Our goldsmiths also work in precious metals and we carefully select the most shimmering diamonds and brilliant cut diamonds to be included in gold rings for wedding and engagement around the world. Lotta Jewellery has a genuine history that also shows its authenticity and which gives the fantastic feeling in the jewelry.

 Welcome to our unique world of jewelery from nature's creations where every piece of jewelry carries a beautiful history