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Lotta started to discover the world already at a young age with travels, meetings with people and experiences. The mystery of the Far East, the excitement of the savannas of Africa, the pulse of the world's metropolises.

Magazine Hennes year 1997
           Nöjesguiden year 1996


The small village in Skåne was left behind a few days after graduation. Curious, fearless and with a one-way ticket in her hand, she was ready to face the world! The feeling of freedom and happiness when the globe spins and the arrow lands on Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia. Here she begins her life's journey.

English Teacher in Lomé, Togo, Afrika year 1998
          Studio on Bali, Indonesia year 1997


Sweden is left behind with her eyes on the horizon. For many years, she lives out her biggest passion and travels across continents and distant countries, fantastic experiences are lined with exciting challenges. The beauty of Australia and the wondrous landscape of New Zealand are explored for a few years. Southeast Asia's chalk-white beaches, the genuine population, Mexico's exciting Indian culture and the endless adventures of Guatemala's jungles. Belize, Hong Kong, USA, Indonesia's paradise islands, Hawaii's surf waves and Africa's red savannas. The intense beauty of life, its riches can now be experienced. Her strong passion for finding the genuine in different countries makes her rich in experiences. At the time of writing, she has experienced 69 countries in the world.

The Rock Zanzibar, Afrika year 2022
           Marrakech Atlas Mountains year 2018


The mysterious world of Japan enchants Lotta, she chooses to stop and settle down in the middle of the metropolis of Tokyo for a couple of years. The interest in design is born in the hectic life on the streets of Tokyo. She looks for something unique, develops her own studio, where jewellry, created with love grows. Her first Japanese collection takes shape - Kakoi. Galvanized aluminum wires and faceted cabochon glass. Here you could feel her energy of inspiring ideas that grew into these amazingly detailed self-designed jewellry created with personality and love.

Mitsukoshi Department Store, Tokyo, Japan year 2010
                Shop-in-Shop in Mitsukoshi Tokyo Department Store, Japan year 2011


With a little French in her luggage in a foreign country, a new chapter begins. A crisp cold December evening, twinkling white lights, Christmas music, happy children's cries and the smell of roasted almonds, the Champs-Elysée in Christmas decorations, all of Paris shines! Lotta has seen many corners of the world, but here in Paris there is a special feeling, strikingly beautiful, sensual, like a prelude to a magical opera. Lotta is enchanted and Paris becomes her home. - 'Paris is my city. There I enjoy, there I live. There are the big moments. There I let myself get lost. There I find peace and there I fall inlove'.

Photographer Leonard Gren year 2014


In a small street between the butcher and the most fragrant bakery, she found an old beautiful guard house from the 17th century. There, the cherry trees stood dormant outside the bedroom window waiting for spring, the rest of the garden was bordered by ivy that wound its way up the beautiful facade of the stone house. From there on the gazebo, the shimmering light of the Eiffel Tower could be glimpsed far in the distance, here the inspiration began to flow. In Paris she wandered up and down the streets, discovering new places. Lotta was carried away by all the inspiration in Paris and continued on the path of destiny. In symbiosis with all creativity, the jewellry took shape and she made her name in Paris.

Le Marais Paris France, year 2000
           Seine, outside Lotta Jewellery Showroom Paris France, year 2001

London Calling

Soon she takes over the big arenas and the international fashion fairs. The jewellery and collections took new shape in step with all creativity. -'Every day I absorbed new impressions which were transformed into a new innovative feeling, which became beautiful creations in jewellery'. Old time-honored studios in Le Marais, side by side with Gucci and YSL's stylists, she captured inspiration and ideas. Her mind were awake and open with a clairvoyance, Lotta learned more about life every day.

Photgrapher Minna Hatinen, show with Efva Attling year 2012
           Photographer Minna Hatinen Helsinki, Finland year 2012

New York, Los Angeles, Berlin, Milano, Las Vegas, Paris, Tokyo, Tallinn, Oslo, Zurich, Helsingfors, Moskva, Copenhagen, Vancouver, Stockholm 

The world has seen her, her jewellry and just loves it! Her unique style is presented at fairs. With the boundless power of Paris, Lotta's collections spread to all corners of the world. Her creativity peaked and she loved to create! People are enchanted by her feeling that she conveys in the collections and it takes her on to an international career and her showroom in Paris where, among other things, artists such as Rose and Melody Gardot became the company's ambassadors. The nature-inspired jewellry is admired and loved by the people in the 60 or so countries where her resellers are located. Lotta has won many fine design awards at the international fairs in New York, London, Tokyo and Paris, but still with an appealing humility.

Melody Gardot New York


Missing the beautiful landscapes, canola fields, the closeness to the deep forest, the calm sea, makes Lotta move home to Skåne after many years abroad. She now values the peace and looks at it with new eyes. Now Lotta is back, as a recognized jewellry designer with the name Lotta Jewellery and with a world success and experience in her luggage. A genuine reception meets Lotta when she returns home. On television, several female presenters wear her jewellry and the Nordic National Museums presents her works. She becomes one of the finalists for Company of the Year in Sweden and invited to events on radio and television. An era of lectures and presentations begins to take off. Reports from Scandinavian lifestyle magazines depict her career and home. Contacts with ambassadors and various artists has been created, among others, Loreen and Laleh.

Loreen / Laleh year 2013

Back to nature

 Plants and flowers with their beauty, their varying beautiful changing phases, are Lotta's source of inspiration for the loving creation of her collections. - 'To create something fairytale-like, where the boundaries are blurred and freedom takes all its place.' Lotta's creations are created by hand with details such as leaf nerves and the recognizable shape of the flower. She recycles all materials, including silver and gold. The environment and nature have always been important to her and recycling is a matter of course. Her studio has been recycling precious metals for 10 years. Unique collections are still created linked to the beautiful nature, impressions that have been absorbed, live on and jewellry takes shape with the memories of all the senses. The studio and Lotta radiate a calmness with a pleasant energy. Her home is a meditative place, filled with nature, it gives a harmonious feeling and inspires her creations.

Photographer Leonard Gren, Nimis, Skåne year 2010


Inside the Lotta Jewellery store, the environment is like a journey in nature itself, moss, seed pods, leaves and flowers convey a magical feeling filled with harmonious energy. People soak up the atmosphere, get a sense of calm and sometimes botanize nature's creations in silver, gold and beautiful precious stones. The shop is located in the older, beautiful part in the middle of Malmö and dates back to the 14th century. In the antique glass cabinets from Paris, the jewelery is presented together with the autumn harvest. In the magical wedding collection - Misty Forest - is a lot of love and nice memories. Wedding couples find their eternity rings in a beautiful environment and feel the genuineness that the craftsmanship radiates.

Photographer Brendan Lynch
           Photographer Roger Nellsjö

 Anno 1997

Love for the jewellry and all the nice meetings with people, inspires Lotta to still, after 25 years, continue to create her enchantingly beautiful collections and self-designed jewellry. A new exciting chapter of the adventure has begun.

Let yourself be enchanted in Lotta's beautiful world of jewellery, created with love for nature. 

Text Camilla Gullstrand - Marchetti