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The most beautiful thing we have is our fantastic world and its nature. 

It is where we find all inspiration and vitality. We must all help each other and take care of our planet. We work in our own studio and can therefore adapt our way of working and reuse all materials. It feels nice and important. 

We are constantly working to reduce our environmental footprint. Many people think that it feels genuine to be able to use gold that has a history behind it. Reusing your own gold also reduces the material cost of your rings. It is also a nice gesture towards our nature and its precious resources to recycle. 

In 2012, we started creating all jewelry from recycled materials and our environmentally conscious jewelry is created only from recycled materials. For 10 years, we have now reused all materials.We feel caring, responsible and believe in sustainability for our world.

Our jewelry is timeless and will last a lifetime if you take good care of it.
Enjoy your beautiful jewelry.