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We love nature and find all the inspiration in our fantastic nature in Scandinavia and around the world!

Lotta Jewelery always wants to convey a feeling - create an experience - we always think so. The atmosphere in our shop is calm and cozy, many of our customers get a sense of a fairy tale world among jewelry. We enjoy building relationships and are happy to talk to our exciting customers from all over the world, who have long botanized our creations. We have many returning customers who once discovered us and fell in love with the nature-inspired collections from different seasons. The jewelery we create always has a meaning, a beautiful story to tell.

Lotta Jewelery stands for unique jewelry. Handmade creations from nature.

The bracelets are made of 925 sterling silver with carefully selected details in 14k gold or in bronze with a beautiful gray granite color like patina. The collections grow with nature as inspiration and the autumn jewelery comes from pomegranates, honey bees and the magical forms of the olive branches. Beautiful details with white sparkling sapphires like pomegranate kernels and labradorite stones like olive green fruit. The leaf parsley may show off its most beautiful side in the bracelet above. The gems are from the island of Madagascar and carefully selected by our silver and goldsmith. The bracelets are handmade and the design takes a few weeks to design by our jewelry designer. They take shape in wax and are carefully cut out with scalpel to recreate all lines and shapes from nature's unique nuances. The jewelery has the most beautiful details with small seed capsules, stems and acorns, which are turned into silver and gold with sparkling sapphires as a dispute.

The bracelets have different shapes at Lotta Jewelery. We have created thin bracelets where the chain holds the beautiful honey bee around the wrist and ends with a delicate logo lock. We have also found the pleasure of making a whole honeycomb with small details that sparkle, just like in reality. The bracelets we create are for all tastes. The collections are timeless just like the path of life and the wonders of nature and can be worn forever.

The jewelery has organic forms from nature and is carefully handmade in our studio. We want you to know our genuine craftsmanship, with the most beautiful materials. In this year's collection, pomegranates, poppy seeds, olive branches and leaf parsley will show off their finest side, transformed into matte silver with shapes from nature.

Welcome to our unique world of bracelets from nature's creations!