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At each season, a change is created.Then we gather inspiration for upcoming beautiful collections. 
A nice change in nature.Welcome to our world of unique jewelry.


Enjoy the beautiful nature-inspiring series Nature Collection - the beauty of Earth


The beautiful leaves of the olive branch in symbiosis with the green olives make it irresistible.

Freedom Swallow

Let us have a time of peace and freedom, in our minds and with love for our fellow men. Hear the beat of the wings in the wind and carry the freedom forward. Let's unite our beautiful planet with love.


The fern has a beautiful meaning symbolizing humility with new life, strength and peace, an amazing plant .

Ginko Biloba

We love the tree of life, with its beautiful ginkgo leaves.


The acorns always have a special place in our collections, they are unique and loved.


For millennia, the symbolism of sakura has been tenderness and love.

Special Edition

Lovely lily of the valley, summer flowers and unique leaves in different shapes and designs.