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Ginkgo Zendai Earrings - Silver

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Ginkgo Biloba - A Survivor

We love the tree of life, with its beautiful gin leaves.

Ginkgo is so unique - so special. It has a fantastic history.

Four beautiful ginkgo leaves that form Ginkgo Sendai Earrings, with 14k gold and white shimmering sapphires that are a beautiful detail on the leaf. It is pin earrings that fit nicely on the ear, while the golden ginkgo leaf dangles beautifully under the silver leaf. Easy to carry.

Our unique Ginkgo Collection is created in white-boiled 925 sterling silver that gives a crispy feeling, like the dew on the leaves at dawn. The details are in 14k gold, which forms a naturally beautiful patina. The gemstones are carefully selected sapphires, which give the jewelry a white fantastic shimmer.


Upper leaves:

Height: 11 mm

Width: 12 mm

Lower leaves:

Height: 11mm

Width: 15mm

Metal: 925 sterling silver

Details: White sapphire (2pcs) and 14k gold