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Misty Forest Wedding Collection

The Misty Forest Wedding Collection is our collection of unique wedding rings. Inspired by nature, life and love with their genuine structures and beautiful shapes. 

Crafted by hand in the finest precious metals and adorned with sparkling stones. Discover our silver rings with rustic rhodium, soft 14K gold-dublé or soft 18K gold-dublé and white sapphires. Or create something eternal in 18K Gold with the finest Top Wesselton diamonds. With us you will find the unique 18K natural white gold. The most beautiful subtle golden color that lasts a lifetime.

Silver plated with 14K Gold - fr. 995 SEK

18K Natural White Gold - fr. 13.900 SEK

Silver with Rhodium - fr. 995 SEK

18K Whitegold with Rhodium - fr. 13.900 SEK

18K Gold - fr. 13.900 SEK