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Do you like big statement rings or combining many small ones?

Among our creations you will find a wide range of rings with different character. All inspired by our beautiful nature.

Behind each ring is a solid craftsmanship that takes weeks. From sketch to work in our studio, we fill the jewelry with care and love. The love we want you to feel in the jewelry when you wear it.

All our rings are created in the finest metals and decorated with hand-picked white sapphires. Choose between the beautiful 925 sterling silver or the tough graphite-colored bronze, uniquely shaped to nature's creations.

Honey Bee Ring - Bronze

SEK 995,00 SEK 746,25

Honey Bee Ring - Silver

SEK 1.195,00 SEK 896,25

Straw Ring - Bronze

SEK 1.295,00

Birch Ring - Bronze

SEK 1.295,00

Birch Ring - Silver

SEK 1.595,00

Straw Ring - Silver

SEK 1.295,00

What should I consider when choosing a ring size?

It is easy to measure the correct ring size. If it should be faulty, we will be happy to replace the ring for you.

*Please use the help of a gold shop/goldsmith and ask to have your size measured.

*Or take an existing ring you have at home that fits and measure the inner diameter of the ring with a caliper. Read the measurement in etc. This way you can easily find out the ring size.

*You can also measure the inner circumference of the ring with a tape measure. The inner circumference corresponds to your ring size.

*Tie a thread around the finger you want to measure. Do not tie too tightly and then measure the length of the thread in mm. The length of the thread corresponds to your size by inner circumference.

Always round up. Please see our size guide for more information.