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Zakynthos Olive Necklace - Bronze

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Article Number: H4506
Supplier: Lotta Jewellery

Zakynthos Olive is the most beautiful of them all ... we love this fine necklace, both in silver and in the dark bronze with gold. The twig looks like it is freshly picked from an olive grove and is natural. Strikingly beautiful!

The beautiful leaves of the olive branch in symbiosis with the green olives make it irresistible. It is labradorite stones from the island of Madagascar that have been carefully carved and created as small olives. This lovely twig is carefully crafted in bronze with 14k gold and its small olives.

Material: Bronze

Details: Laborit stones (Oval 8x6mm, 9x7mm & 10x8mm)

Size: The charms are 4.0 x 5.0 mm and the chain is 85cm long