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Beautiful handmade jewelry

Imagine being able to give a beautiful feeling that lasts. A unique and handmade piece of jewelery that will always remain and that your loved ones will remember forever.

Our jewelry is created with feeling and it is the one we so want to give you.

Handmade unique jewelry with beautiful details

When the seasons release their fruits, we create new beautiful jewelry from nature's creations in silver and gold with sparkling gemstones. Then we gather inspiration for the upcoming beautiful collection.

Poppy Collection is the latest collection.

A beautiful seed capsule symbolizes the beginning of a new chapter. A new start.

At each season, a change is created. A nice change in nature. If ever there is a time when we want a fresh start, it is now, after a difficult year in the world.

Carry up our beautiful creations from nature, which are reminiscent of a new kickstart in life. Give the beautiful seed capsule to a friend or proudly carry it yourself.

Poppy is a magnificent plant that stands beautifully swaying in the fields. It can be seen in the distance, and is an inspiring flower.

Our Poppy Collection symbolizes change and the beginning of something new in life. Get inspired and see our selected jewelry in the series among poppies, seed capsules and seeds.

So come on in and discover our latest collection and botanize around our world of unique jewellery

Enjoy the ride!