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Tiny Acorn Bracelet- Silver

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Article Number: A9510
Supplier: Lotta Jewellery

The fruit of the oak stands for strength and power.

We love the oak and its magnificent silhouette. Acorns and the beautiful fruits of autumn captivate us with their season. We pick up the little lovely creations of autumn. Sparkling leaves, hot chocolate and lit candles on dark autumn evenings. There's something certain about that. So cozy and nice. The acorns always have a special place in our collections, they are unique and loved. This year we have created a sister acorn, two small ones that are tied together into one. A love, a new little person, a life partner or to his best friend. The message is that duality is strong. Rely on love or be strong in yourself. Two is a good number. The oak strikes small shoots that are the beginning of something new. Which can grow big and strong. It's a fresh start to something nice. This little bracelet is as beautiful as few, with its dazzling beauty of strength. The bracelet is adjustable and fits everyone!

Material: 925 sterling silver

Details: A white sapphire (2.0mm) and 14K gold.

Size: The bracelet can be worn in 3 different lengths: 16.5 cm + 17.5 cm + 18.5 cm. The charms are 1 x 1 cm.