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Misty Forest Starshine Ring - 18K Natural White Gold

  • SEK 26.500,00

Article Number: 902

~ "When we have graciously endured every adversity, we become like a shining diamond" ~

We have all experienced the magical feeling when you go out after a frosty night and the whole world glitters. The thin layer of glittering ice crystals that covers leaves, branches and plants after the cold has drawn in is called ammil.

This beautiful phenomenon has inspired the design of our Misty Forest Starshine Ring, whose surface is just that frosty glittery. The five diamonds further enhance the luminous, radiant impression.

A fantastic ring with a subtle, elegant design - inspired by nature.

The ring works perfectly both as a single ring or as an engagement and wedding ring.

Misty Forest Collection is a genuine craft from our own studio. We work in an old-fashioned and authentic traditional way where it takes about 5-7 weeks to create the ring first into a wax model with a scalpel and then we cast it in gold. All sizes are available according to your wishes.

Details & Materials
Metal: 18K Natural White Gold
Surface: Matt polished
Stone: Diamond - 3 diamonds of 1.7 mm & 2 diamonds of 1.3 mm
Color: Top Wesselton
Carat: 3 stones with a total of 0.060 ct & 2 stones with a total of 0.020 ct
Width: 8 mm
Thickness: 1.5 mm
Weight approx: 9.7 g

30 Day Return Policy - When purchasing a wedding or engagement ring, we offer a 30 day return. Keep in mind that when engraving, the right to open purchase disappears as it becomes a personal engraving.
Lifetime Guarantee - We stand behind the quality of our Misty Forest Collection. Each ring is carefully created in our own studio, with precision and love. Enjoy the professional craftsmanship that has been created uniquely for you and love your ring for a lifetime.
Certificate of Authenticity for Diamonds, Gemstones & Gold - Each piece of gold jewelery created comes with a certificate of authenticity.
Free Shipping - We have free delivery with registered insured shipping worldwide.
Allergy-free Material - The quality metals and stones used in our production are tested and allergy-free.
Conflict-free Diamonds, Gemstones and Metals - We guarantee that all materials we use in our studio when creating the Misty Forest Collection or unique gold rings are conflict-free, from ethical sources and non-violent regions in accordance with the Kimberley Process.
Years of Experience - For many years we have created exciting relationships with customers from all over the world who are drawn to our genuine atmosphere and our unique nature-inspiring Misty Forrest Collection. Every day we travel across different continents - We love these meetings!