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Although each piece of jewelry looks beautiful from the start, they can look faded and lose their luster, if you do not take good care of them. 
If you want your jewelry to remain beautiful, follow these simple steps to take care of your jewelry: 
 Take off your jewelry before exercising or showering. Avoid swimming in the sea or in the spa with the jewelry. Carefully clean your jewelry with a soft, clean cloth to maximize shine. Make sure they are kept in a small zip-lock plastic bag. This is the best way to protect your jewelry from external elements. 

Use detergent to clean silver jewelry. We have Hagertys Silver Dipp in the store, for SEK 120. It is the most effective way to keep the shine in the jewelry, but do not leave your jewelry in the dip, more than a few seconds. Make sure you rinse them off with cold water and dry them thoroughly after cleaning. Polish your gold and silver jewelry regularly to keep them beautiful.
 Enjoy your unique and beautiful jewelry from Lotta Jewelery! 
 Love from us, Lotta 

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