- Inspired by the beauty and wonder of nature's shapes


Lotta grew up around nature, in Sweden's south, a province whose flowers, wild landscapes and raging sea have always been an deep source of inspiration for her. 


This appreciation for nature continued when Lotta's young wings took flight and she began to explore the globe. 

Her unique journey started 1996 when she lived in Tokyo. Leaving her city base, she took every opportunity to explore Japan's pristine wilderness beyond.  Her she learned more about ginkgo, one of the world’s oldest and strongest trees, also named the Silver Apricot Tree The beautiful ginkgo leaf has a special place in the collections as it means – the solitary survivor. 

For many years Lotta established herself in Paris where she found the atmosphere magical and she captured the essence and mystique in her designs.


The collections were presented in a beautiful showroom of Le Marais, the historic quarter in the 3rd and 4th arrondissements. 

Lotta Jewellery is based in south of Sweden and the flagship store is located in the Malmö City centre.

The collection is entirely made in 925 sterling silver with delicate details in gold. Sparkling sapphires and precious stones makes the collections divine. The autumn collection is made in nuances of dark grey bronze with matt gold details. 

Lotta Jewellery has presented the collections in cosmopolitan centres and the international fashion fairs of New York, Tokyo, Las Vegas, Milano, Paris, London, Helsinki, Berlin, Oslo, Stockholm, Copenhagen and Moscow. 

Lotta Jewellery always has its own expression by following its own path and attracts an international audience. In the ever changing beauty of nature the inspiration grows and creates magic. 

Journey with us.. 

Magic - Gracefulness - Timelessness