Our beautiful bi-collection

Bumblebees and bees are tiny superheroes! They pollinate our flowering plants and without them we would not get any fruits and berries.

But they are getting smaller, so we need to help save them. Poisons, food shortages and a changing landscape threaten our wild gardeners.

It can have serious consequences for our future.

We have created a small bee family, I make from jewelry, where we donate the profits to our local beekeepers. Southwest Skåne's Beekeepers are selected for the project.

The collection's proceeds go to saving our little bees.

Join us and let us do something nice together!

Only sky is the limit 

Last year, at the same time ....
I met Lotta, a group of women on the Cap Verde Islands off the west coast of Africa.
Young strong women who wanted to educate and make a difference in their society, but with little means at their disposal.

On March 8 last year we supported them together. Half of all the revenue we received during the day was donated to the girls so that they could get a fresh start in life.

This year, at the same time, I am far away in Asia.
Creates a new collection and lets me be inspired by all the beautiful nature in the Far East.

Here I have found a group of young women struggling to educate, become independent and have a content-rich life.
They own nothing but dance, smile and give me so much when we see you.

It is these women who now get the chance ..
On Sunday, March 8, International Women's Day, half of all our sales in our webshop go to these young women.

Join and give these women freedom!