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Ginkgo Lovetags Necklace Silver - Letter T

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Article Number: H3259
Supplier: Lotta Jewellery

Give a unique love gift to someone you love or wear the initials from your family around your neck. Beautiful silver love tags with sparkling white sapphires. The unique and old ginkgo biloba leaf stands for strength and survival. Who gives you your strength?

Which of your friends is a real fighter, and survivor?

Ginkgon is one of the oldest trees in the world and has survived everything. A nice symbol for a friend, or for yourself ..

We also have the French letters engraved in ginkgo leaves made of bronze with a shade of gray and a champagne sapphire framed on the leaf.

The charms are in the alphabet from A to Z.

The finest and most personal gift of love that you can wish for.

We celebrate love and give you more than 60% discount

Ginkgo is a strange and beautiful tree. The tree has a long history that unbelievably stretches over 200 million back in time. The world's oldest ginkgo tree today is believed to be 1250 years old. The ginkgo tree is also the only tree in its entire genus - completely unique. We hope that our jewelry representing ginkgo leaves will remind you of your own resilience and strength and help you remember that you are also completely unique - and fantastic.

Ginkgo Lovetags Necklace from Lotta Jewelery is made of 925 sterling silver and decorated with a sparkling champagne-colored sapphire. Choose which letter you want to have engraved on the necklace. A wonderful personal piece of jewelry!

The chain is 45 cm and removable.

Metal: 925 Sterling Silver

Details: Champagne-colored sapphire