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Symbolizes change and the beginning of something new in life

Beautiful handmade earrings that gild

A seed capsule is the beginning of something new. A new chapter. Beautiful little seeds from poppies have been reflected in this new collection of longing and hope. In the time we live in now, we want something new to long for, or to get such a seed that grows into something nice. Maybe to a beautiful love, which bends slowly across the fields at the pace of the wind.

Many of us are fond of poppies, this beautiful red flower that lights up our nature. With our poppy jewelery, we hope to be able to remind you to sometimes stop and enjoy the simple and beautiful, like a flowering poppy in a field.

White Poppy from Lotta Jewelery are lovely little earrings with three sparkling white sapphires in each earring. They are made of bronze and the pin closest to the ear is in silver, with details in 14k gold that gilds beautifully. The color is a mild and nice gold color.