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Inspired by nature's shape and beauty


  Lotta grew up around nature in Skåne, southern Sweden, whose beautiful plains, wild landscapes and seas have always been a deep source of inspiration for her.


The appreciation for nature continued as Lotta's young wings lifted and she began to explore the world. Her unique journey began in 1996 when she lived in Tokyo. Leaving the metropolis, she took every opportunity to explore Japan's pristine wilderness. Here she learned more about ginkgo, one of the world's oldest and strongest trees, which also bears the name Silver Apricot Tree. The beautiful ginkgo leaf has a special place in the collections and its significance is - the sole survivor. For many years, Lotta established herself in Paris where she found the atmosphere magical and she captured the essence and mystery of her jewelry's creations.


The collections were presented in a beautiful showroom in Le Marais, the historic quarter of the fourth arrondissement in the middle of Paris. Lotta Jewelery is based in southern Sweden and Boutique Lotta Jewelery is located in the center of Malmö. The collections are completely made of 925 sterling silver with beautiful details in 14k gold. Sparkling sapphires and gems make the collections unique. The autumn collection is made in shades of dark gray bronze with matte gold details in 14k gold, and all the jewelery is taken from the forest's inner world.

Lotta Jewelery has presented the collections in metropolises around the world and at Fashion Shows in New York, Tokyo, Las Vegas, Milan, Paris, London, Berlin, Oslo, Stockholm, Copenhagen and Moscow. Lotta Jewelery always has its own expression by following its own path and attracting an international audience. In nature's ever-changing beauty, inspiration grows and creates magic

Join us on our journey

Magic - Elegance - Timelessness


Behind every single detail - from sketch to the fact that you can wear your beautiful jewelry, there is a solid craft created with passion, creativity and a large dose of love. Join Lotta in the creation process and the journey behind Lotta Jewelery.

Lotta loves to travel, and the sketch pad is always there so it's close at hand when the inspiration sneaks up. When designing a new collection, Lotta is happy to travel to a quiet oasis in the middle of a distant land to be inspired by the beauty of the plants, the culture and the wonders of nature. All jewelry is hand drawn by Lotta and slowly but surely the jewelry takes shape, changes and adapts to perfection. Since many of Lotta's jewelery is inspired by nature's own concerts, she attaches great importance to the shape being as close to nature as possible. Finding the perfect shape for an oak leaf can take several days.

The jewelry studio creates handmade wax figures based on the sketch. The casting of the piece uses a technique called Cire Perdue, a casting technique where the wax model is lost when used. The jewelry artist hand builds a model of wax which is then cast into plaster. When the plaster solidifies, it burns so that the wax melts, leaving a cavity where then molten metal takes place. When the metal has cooled down and returned to solid form, the plaster dissolves, leaving only a metal cast of the wax model, which is then ground to perfection.

In the next step, the metal piece is covered with a “rubber casting” - heated, pressurized rubber. The rubber coating is carefully removed from the metal, leaving a cavity to be filled with wax. If the rubber is not removed with care, it can create erroneous lines that will appear in the end result. These wax figures then become the template for all jewelry. The wax figure is transported to the blacksmith who transforms these jewelry into the finest 925 sterling silver.

"The surface of thoughts of a crisp winter morning in December, when nature is covered by a white, sparkling frostbite"

Something that characterizes all Lotta Jewelery jewelry is the natural, matte and grooved surface. The surface of thoughts for a crisp winter morning in December, when nature is covered by a white, sparkling hoarfrost. The method used to create the matte, frost-free surface is called sand blasting - one by one each silver piece is blasted with a high pressure of sand to highlight the unique surface.

The final step in the creation process and the design of Lotta's jewelry is to gild the silver with details in 14K gold. To protect the rest of the jewelry, this is painted in red, which is then dipped in a gold bath and baked slowly and carefully in an oven at 170 degrees. When the jewelry has been gilded with the delicate gold details, the red color is removed.

Now the jewelry has got its distinctive Lotta Jewelery expression and turned it into a magical piece. The process of making a jewelry takes about four weeks and is handmade in each step. Every piece of jewelery is unique and we always strive to find the highest quality fairtrade-certified raw materials from all corners of the earth.