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Welcome to Lotta Jewelery's latest collection! As the seasons release their fruits, we create new beautiful jewelery from nature's objects in silver and gold with sparkling gems. Our latest favorites are the pomegranates, these delicious fruits, and even the olive branches which are fantastically beautiful. We have created earrings, necklaces, rings, bracelets and even hair jewelry with brooches We have found beautiful raw gemstones in earth colors and created clusters in different shades, which shimmer nicely together. Small and large gemstones that are beautifully combined in a fine cluster. These have become rings, necklaces and earrings. We have named the latest collection for you.

The Customer Collection is a collection that was formed from our tablet, where we have for many years collected small seeds, poppy caps, cones and souvenirs from customers who have come with wishes. From there our latest collection has been created, just from you .. We have listened carefully. So now the most delicious pomegranates are crowded together with honey bees, pine cones, olive branches, seed capsules, poppy seeds and clusters. One piece surpasses the other and everything in a beautiful symbiosis. To try to maintain our beautiful world, we donate the profits when we sell from the honey bee collection, to local beekeepers in southwestern Skåne. Even the small fine pine cones are allowed to pull their straw to the stack and the profits go to a project to plant more trees on our fragile globe.

So check in and discover our latest collection and botanize around our world of unique jewelry.

Enjoy the ride!