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Moulin Rouge Sunflower Necklace - Bronze

  • SEK 995,00
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Article Number: H1205
Supplier: Lotta Jewellery

Moulin Rouge Sunflower Necklace

Moulin Rouge Sunflower is a wonderful necklace that radiates.

A beautiful sunflower on its stem, from the lovely colorful sunflower field.

This unique necklace is associated with joy and sunshine, just like the real sunflower does.

The necklace is made of bronze, gilded with 14k gold on the front of the leaves.

In the middle of the flower sits a sparkling white sapphire.

Next to the sunflower, a delicate bronze leaf can be seen as a fine detail.

Material: Bronze

Details: 14k gold and white sapphire

Size: The flower is 1 cm diagonally.

Chain length: Adjustable at 50 cm, 48 cm and 44 cm.