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Plum leaves in their glory.

Leaves in all their simplicity - is one of the most beautiful!

For each season, I pick fine leaves and unique foliage. Take them home and let them slowly dry and turn on grandpa's milk stool next to the bed. In my book I collect small ornate leaves, which turn into beautiful book leaves. The sheer leaves of summer can be found in every corner of our home. A simple green twig creates a wonderful warm feeling. In our dining room, I pick all the colors of autumn in glass vases. Orange, yellow and red, light up the autumn darkness and create tranquility and calm. It's enjoyable!

The beautiful fruits and leaves of winter are fantastic with muted shades. Once the circle is closed and the leaves of spring begin to sprout in light green colors, everything in life gets its meaning. To be able to take with you all the shades and expressions of the seasons is a favor.

For me, simple leaves are one of the most beautiful, with patterns from nature.

I have created a set of favorites, from the lovely plum tree at our strawberry place.

Enjoy the small and nice.

The simple.

Love. Lotta