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Flamboyant Earrings, Silver

  • SEK 895,00
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Article Number: B3503
Supplier: Lotta Jewellery
Flamboyant earrings in silver from the Dahlia Collection are a beautiful pair. Nice small blossoming dahlias with sparkling white sapphires of a decent size, both for everyday and for parties. Handmade jewelry in a sober style. 
These lovely flowers represent a variety of meanings. We like how dahlias are used as a symbol for daring to stand out from the crowd. No one misses a dahlia, which is seen from far with its color splendor and pompous flower - Wonderful! Furthermore, the dahlias are known for being able to cope in difficult environments and despite the harsh conditions, can flower more beautifully than ever. We want to convey that power. We hope that when you wear our dahlia collection you should feel that you dare to be like these amazing flowers - filled with inner strength and truly unique. 

Material: 925 sterling silver 
Size: The flower is 1.3cm at the widest place and the total length is 3cm 
Details: 14k gold and 2.0mm white sapphire