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Seeds of Love Shell Necklace - Bronze

  • SEK 1.095,00
Stock: 6
Article Number: H6503
Supplier: Lotta Jewellery
- When you plant a Seed of Love, it is you that blossom - 
Carrying or giving away a seed of love gives strength and courage, especially in a lost time like now. 
Love is the most beautiful and important thing we have in our lives. 
It is the one we live for and grow with as human beings. 
If we sow the seed and nurture it tenderly, the roots are strengthened and the plant becomes stronger with each passing day. Until after a time of genuine care and love, the little things have become a solid foundation with the strongest roots. Love yourself and your loved ones, cherish it tenderly and let your roots be the deepest. 
Life enriches and makes us happy. Take care of the small seeds and let them germinate. 

Seeds of Love is a seed of love that we plant in something valuable, which grows and germinates into infinite love. 
A bronze necklace with natural cavities. The jewelry is shaped in wax and cast from the beauty of nature. 

The details in 14k gold make the jewelry unique and get attention. 
Material: Bronze and 14k gold 
Details: 14k matt gold & a white sapphire (2.0mm) 
Size: 1.5 cm X 2.5 cm