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We draw and design the jewelery in our studio and make the brooches in silver with white sparkling sapphires, and 14k gold details. We also create bronze brooches as a base material with gold details. The collection of brooches has nuances from nature's patterns and designs, and small beautiful details précis as nature's own creations.
The jewelry is handmade and each brooch is uniquely created by our jewelry designer Lotta, who is also a silversmith and goldsmith

Lotta is based in southern Skåne where she finds all the inspiration in our beautiful nature. She has long experience of creating collections that are nature-inspiring and she has worked on different continents, since she was active in the studio in Paris for many years. Lotta started her business in 1996 after returning from Tokyo and has worked as a jewelry designer and jeweler for over 20 years in different parts of the world.

The jewelery has organic forms from nature and is carefully handmade in our studio. For us, it is important that the shades in the brooches and frames of the gemstones are carefully incorporated, and that the unique jewelery has a beautiful patina from the patterns of nature. We want you to know our genuine craftsmanship, with the most beautiful materials. In this year's collection, pomegranates, poppy seeds, olive branches and leaf parsley will showcase their finest side.

  Welcome to Lotta Jewelery's unique world of jewelery from nature's creations!