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Raw beautiful engagement and wedding rings
that are handmade

Misty Forrest Wedding Collection is our unique and nature-inspiring 
wedding collection in 18 k white gold.
Lotta Jewellery creates wedding rings,
engagement rings and eternity rings that are
handmade with the utmost care and attention to detail.
Lotta, which is behind Lotta Jewellery,
is based in southern Skåne and finds all the inspiration
from our beautiful nature.

Genuine craftsmanship makes unique rings

We want you to feel our genuine needlework,
with the most beautiful materials.
We design the rings in our studio and make the rings in 18k white gold,
but the opportunity to get the rings in variants of gold or other metals is always available.
For us, it is important that the inspiration from nature's shapes and structure appears clearly in the design, which gives the rings a unique expressionSee our beautiful models from the Misty Forest Wedding Collection below,
and discover which one is your personal favorite.

Recycle your old gold

We are happy to recycle old gold, and turn it into your dream rings.
Submit your material to us,
and we will evaluate it together with a geologist.

Are you looking for unique gold rings with organic shapes 

taken from nature's beautiful environments?
Then you have come to the right place!

Discover our world of rings!